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Hydronix measuring moisture in asphalt production

Moisture Measurement in Asphalt Production

The increasing cost of raw materials and energy has made asphalt producers scrutinise their production process. Moisture control provides direct cost reduction and ensures a consistent quality product is produced improving competitiveness.

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Moisture is a constantly varying component in the raw materials for many industrial applications and it is becoming more critical to measure and control accurately. Often laboratory tests are seen as being most accurate, but this article will show the limitations of these for real-time control and why online measurement is essential.
Moisture content in fish feed impacts the quality of the final product and determines how much energy is used and waste produced. Read the blog to find out more about the various process stages including some tips on how to find the ideal sensor.


Hydronix at SIM Bordeaux 2023

SIM Bordeaux 2023

Location: Bordeaux, France
Date: 4-6 October 2023