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Hydronix holiday hours 2023

Holiday Hours

The holiday season is almost up on us and Hydronix wishes to inform you of the last sales order processing dates as well as our office closure dates.

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Control Slump in Concrete Production using Hydronix Moisture Sensors

Control Slump in Concrete Production using Moisture Sensors

The concrete producer will often use a slump test to check for workability, fluidity and consistency of the concrete mix. This note will describe how the addition of digital microwave moisture measurement into the concrete plant can help to produce consistent concrete batch after batch and therefore also consistent slump properties.

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Hydronix measuring moisture in asphalt production

Moisture Measurement in Asphalt Production

The increasing cost of raw materials and energy has made asphalt producers scrutinise their production process. Moisture control provides direct cost reduction and ensures a consistent quality product is produced improving competitiveness.

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